Datel Energy systems Inc.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality energy equipment for the Canadian market and help decrease energy costs, improve convenience for our customers, and help keep a clean, stable environment.

As Canadian agents for the Northstar energy products, we are here to provide quality marketing, communication, and follow up to our customers.

Datel Energy Systems Inc. incorporated in 2001 is a Canadian company manufacturers agent with new energy efficiency goals and products for a greener climate.  owned by Cliff Swain BA, PE, PTech(Eng), who is a professional engineering technologist and power engineer in Alberta.  Cliff has over 35 years experience in the industrial and commercial markets in Canada.

With our engineering, design, and projects’ experience, we found that the Northstar tank car heating and chiller systems make sense to the Canadian market and climate. 

Along with quality ISO assembly and quality components representing Northstar for Canada was a complete fit for our company.  Aside from engineering, the Heating and Cooling Systems are our main equipment product lines.  This ensures quality attention for our Northstar customers.

Heats Rail Tank Cars

We provide the solution to your industrial heating and cooling problems using our specialized yet cost effective self contained systems.
Heating up and enabling the flow of liquids with our  system makes operations easier and more convenient for liquid carriers and trans-loaders. Reliable, efficient and portable water heating for rail tankers and steam jacketed storage tanks at a great price.

Manufactuer’s Warranty ”

Through Northstar:  Machines are guaranteed to be free from defects in material or workmanship under normal use and service for a period of one year after delivery from the factory. Any part (other than vendor items) that is determined to be warranty will be repaired or replaced at NO CHARGE provided the warranty registration form is filled out in its entirety and the part is sent back freight prepaid. Any replacement parts accepted as the warranty will be returned to you freight prepaid. Our heating coil will carry a seven-year prorated warranty credit. The manufacturer will repair or replace the coil without charge for five years after the delivery date from the factory for any defect in the coil that was caused by workmanship or defective steel. After the five years have expired, the credit will be prorated as follows:

  1. First 5 years 100% Credit
  2. Years 6 & 7 50% Credit
  3. After 7 Years No Credit Allowed

All parts supplied to Northstar by other manufacturers will be subject to their guarantee and warranty. Generators, motors, and engines are required by vendors to be repaired or replaced by authorized warranty repair stations.

The manufacturer will assist you in locating warranty stations around the country in cases where that is necessary. Select items carry a six-month warranty such as unloaders, triggers guns, etc. The manufacturer, at its option, will repair or replace defective parts only and does not allow for field labor charges for removal, installation, analysis, travel expense, or special freight expenses incurred for replacement parts.

Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, freezing damage, freight damage, damage caused by misuse or misapplication, chemical-related failures, contaminated filters, and screens, moisture-related fuel pump failures, stuck check valves, pump packings or seals, nozzles or orifices, paint, hoses, and gauges.

Heat rail tank car liquids to flow with the portable heating systems.

The stand alone portable system heats rail tank cars quickly with hot water at a third of the cost of typical steam setups. Hot Water is an inexpensive alternative to steam.

  1. Easy to use. “Set it and forget it” when the optional timer is used.
  2. No special operator or license.
  3. Environmentally friendly.
  4. High quality built by ISO certified factory, Warrantied by the same factory.
  5. A third the cost of typical steam setups.
    Uses pure water (glycol mix is permitted too)

The Dragon Wagon is a hot water heater designed for heating Rail Tank Cars. It comes as a skid, open trailer, or enclosed trailer.

Typically, it heats one to three tank cars per 24 hours with 22 boiler horsepower. (Your liquids and situation may yield different results)