Portable Tank Heaters and Coolers

Portable Tank Heaters and Coolers for chemical plants to maintain liquid form from solid. Remote portable heaters and coolers for remote tanks and emergencies. Heaters are high temperature hot water, no steam requirements. Almost as fast as thawing solids to liquids using steam.

Skid Mounted Tank Car Heater

Hot water Diesel or Electric Heater Unit, Pump, Instrumentation, Insulated Glycol Tank, and Diesel Generator.
Circulates High Temperature Glycol Solution throughout the Tank Car Coil to thaw contents.

Portable Tank Heaters and Coolers from Datel/Northstar are very popular in end of use applications, railroads, trucking, or stationary tanks in a variety of chemical and oil industry plants.

Trailer Mounted Tank Car Heaters for movement to sites for emergency purposes or relocated tanks requiring high temperature heating or low temperature cooling.

Same Custom Design as the skid mounted Dragon Wagon Heaters but mounted in a robust heavy duty trailer with venting and connections.
All units are assembled in an ISO certified plant.

Trailer Mounted Tank Car Coolers Chillers

Northstar manufactures a variety of standard or customized design transportable systems for heating or cooling tank contained solutions.

ISO Certified Assembly

Dragon Wagon Heating and Cooling Systems are assembled in a certified plant in North Dakota, USA by qualified trades personnel.

Our mission is to provide quality energy equipment for the Canadian market and help decrease energy costs, improve convenience for our customers, and help keep a clean, stable environment.

As Canadian agents for the Northstar energy products, we are here to provide quality marketing, communication, and follow up to our customers.

Datel Energy Systems Inc. was incorporated in 2001 is owned by Cliff Swain BA, PE, PTech(Eng), who is a professional engineering technologist and power engineer in Alberta.  Cliff has over 35 years experience in the industrial and commercial markets in Canada.

With our engineering, design, and projects’ experience, we found that the Northstar tank car heating systems make sense to the Canadian market and climate. 

Along with quality ISO assembly and quality components representing Northstar for Canada was a complete fit for our company.  Aside from engineering, the Northstar Dragon Wagon Heating and Cooling Systems are our main equipment product lines.  This ensures quality attention for our Northstar customers.

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  1. We provide the solution to your industrial heating and cooling problems using our specialized yet cost effective self contained systems.Heating up and enabling the flow of liquids with our Dragon Wagon system makes operations easier and more convenient for liquid carriers and trans-loaders. Reliable, efficient and portable water heating for rail tankers and steam jacketed storage tanks at a great price.

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